Why we need a spiritual practice


Sometimes we need to free ourselves from ourselves. There is a self-critical part in all of us that can from time to time take too much space… You know what I mean. We live in a world where it’s easy to feel helpless and that our efforts are simply not enough. We wish that we could do more and that we could be better. Negative thinking is hard to cope with, but unless we find a way to be more accepting towards ourselves, we can’t fully accept others either. You might have a tendency of being critical towards others, many times that’s a reflection of just how critical you are towards yourself. If we want to have healthy relationships in our lives where we can support others and let others support us, we need to learn how to love ourselves first.

My mat is a place where I connect to a part of me that’s beyond self-criticism and self-judgment – because deep and true love comes from within. Many people find themselves lost in their own minds and emotions, today more than ever. We have so many options and too much information all around us. It’s overwhelming. However, when I practice yoga there is a moment of clarity. And I remember. I remember who I am and that what I am is pure love. I remember that I am enough. I remember how it feels to be in the present moment, free from thoughts of the past or the future.

There is a reason why yoga has exploded in the world the last couple of years. We’re recognising more than ever that we need salvation, and that salvation can only come from ourselves. True happiness is an inner journey, not an outer. It’s not about what we possess or where we are. It’s not about who we are with. It’s about you. And once you start to explore that inner journey all the other things around you will fall into place. You’ll do what you’re meant to do in life. You’ll share that with whom you’re meant to share that with. And you’ll end up being wherever your inner energies are supported.

I believe that it’s important to find a practice in life where you can connect to that deeper part of yourself. Where you can learn how to listen to your inner teacher. For some people that’s practicing yoga. If yoga is something you haven’t introduced to your life and if you’re lacking a spiritual practice – give it a go. You might not feel that inner connection during your first class, or you will… Just give yourself some time to explore a new part of you. After a few classes you might start to notice a shift and that a certain clarity is settling in.

Some of the things that my practice has taught me in life and what my practice is still teaching me is how to listen within, how to stay true to myself by accepting myself, and how to finally learn how to love myself. Like Mr. Marley himself said:

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds



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