It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything here. Not because I haven’t been interested in writing, but because I’ve gone through a transformational journey last year where I needed to take time for myself… Not sharing, but simply reflecting upon what direction I wanted to take next in life. I’ve spent a lot of time where I allowed myself to think freely about the future – to dream and also to be critical. I honestly haven’t felt the same level of inspiration when it comes to blogging as well as sharing things on social media, and I had to ask myself;

What is the purpose of sharing? Do we share about our lives on social networks to prove something, or perhaps to reach a certain status in our own eyes as well as others? Why is our world so absorbed by these channels with its jungle of information, inspiration, comparison, love, hatred and dreams.

Sometimes I feel like escaping the world that we live in. When dreaming about the future I can picture myself living somewhere completely remote and free from the frameworks of society. When you start to question the structure of life as we know it, it’s easy to feel confusion and to be critical.

But then again, there’s so much beauty in this world, especially when people come together. I’m reminded of that every day when teaching a class as I witness people with completely different backgrounds sharing a random sweaty space together,  breathing, moving and connecting to the deeper layers of the self, through this beautiful practice that we call yoga. Yoga, which literally means to join or to unite.

I realise that we can all contribute with something beautiful in this life. We can all share something. Even if it’s just the act of kindness and love. Ask yourself, what are you currently sharing at this moment which support others? Small or big. And, is there something else you could do that might help others even more?

About 3 years ago when I was in Bali I went to a famous palm reader. He was a very interesting man and he made me feel as if he could see right through me. He told me things about myself which only I knew to be true, and what things I needed to be mindful of in the future. He also said that after I turn 27 years old, the universe will open up for me and that a lot of great things will happen in my life and in my career. However, it will only happen if I walked the path that I’m meant to. After my meeting with the palm reader I felt inspired, and willing to work hard in order for this grand opening of the universe to take place. Something big had to happen.

As I got closer to the date of my birthday, where I would turn 27 years old (28th Nov, 2017), I noticed that I started to feel anxious about my age for the first time in my life. I felt as if I should achieve more and I asked myself if I had really taken the right steps as the palm reader had told me to – would the universe open up for me?


As this new year started I had to remind myself – all that matters is that we share something that can inspire or help other people. It doesn’t matter in what scale, as long as we share and as long as we do it unconditionally without expecting anything back. This is the seed of real joy and happiness. This is where the universe opens and shows you its true colours and love.

My level of self-doubt turned into self-belief. My feeling of not doing enough turned into contentment. Sometimes we simply have to pause, and take look at how far we’ve come and what we’ve already achieved. I can say that I’m truly blessed that I am to be able to share the little that I know through teaching the practice of yoga. As I also started to study Ayurveda in September, I realise that I’ll obtain more knowledge about Ayurvedic lifestyle advises, nutrition, herbal medicine, therapeutic yoga and massage, which is also something that I would love to share – here. My commitment for this new year is therefore to share more knowledge which might support and help others, not only through teaching but also through writing.

So will the universe open up for me now that I’m 27 years old? Well, perhaps the universe has always been open for me, just as it is for you. Maybe the trick is just to open our eyes and to be willing to take in the lessons, the joy, and the hardships as life is right now. Perhaps, if we let go of achieving and simply share what we know without expecting anything back, the universe will always embrace us as her children.



With love,



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